Between curious glances of squirrels and the playful antics of chipmunk, I sculpt, shape and handpaint clay. My pottery and ceramic art is all one of a kind. When I have pieces available I put them in my Etsy Store >

Friday, April 26, 2013


Here are some random shots of a few of my new works.  I love the bottom shot on Mr. Turnipseed the mushroom farmer, how cute is that attitude?  Course he has an adorable face too.  Look at the back hair bun on Mrs. Turnipseed ! 

I am really satisfied with the goose I sculpted - Goober  :-)  that is the first goose I have ever sculpted. 

Then we have the rabbits!  Which rabbit do you like best?  Hard to decide isn't it...

They are all in my Etsy Store Here>

Another warm sunny day here in New England (USA)

Lorraine xxx


Mary said...

How can I pick one rabbit? They are all so adorable. The goose is perfect too, great job Lorraine. Mr. T and his mushrooms I love - hands in pockets really give him an edge! Mrs. T's hair is gorgeous, just right for a farm wife.

You are talented - I love everything you create - even the names are cute too.

Happy week - looking forward to when you share your next kiln firing.

Hugs - Mary

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I couldn't pick a rabbit either! They all have a charm when looked at individually - allot like kids I guess :-)

It's fun to see growth in my work. I am finding my favorite colors mixes.

xx Lorraine xx

Helen Philipps said...

Oh my those rabbits are all soo sweet......I am rather drawn to the one carrying the carrot though! Your work is beautiful...I also love the little toadstool in the top picture. All the colours are so lovely too :)
Helen x

Debra said...

What fun creations! Love the Turnipseed family and friends. Thanks, for your visit to my blog. It was so nice to hear from you. I am out enjoying the Spring and the colors. I wish I could enjoy the scent of your magnolia. - Debra

Jess said...

Such jolly characters, if only they could talk! ;) I hope you're enjoying the sunshine.xx

Barbara said...

They bare great fun. Like the farmer.