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Thursday, April 25, 2013

LETS TRY AGAIN! comments improved and FARMERS

Looks like my last post caused people to not be able to post, it was set to registered users.  Darn changes on blogspot.  My comments used to work fine and then suddenly there seemed to be no ability to stop the spam.  So I have two options either that word verification thing that many times one types in wrong and has to keep trying or I moderate.  I decided on moderation.  There is another OpenUser but I am not really sure if that would include every one to comment.

I think moderation will work ok, let me know if you are so used to the word verification and would like that instead?

Now for a bit of eye candy.  My recent farmer creations.  These are large farmers that like attention  :-)

Lorraine xx

Mrs. Maggie Bean

Mr. George Wellington

and last but not least:  Mrs.Flora Robinson

(more in my Etsy shop!)


smartcat said...

These are sweet!

I don't mind comment moderation, but the captchs make me crazed!

smartcat said...

P.S. I have a block on anonymous bloggers which has helped enormously.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I used to have that too Smartcat. However, blogspot has changed - at least my version has. Suddenly you can't just block anonymous bloggers, which is how I had it set before. Ah well... one thing in life is inevitable - Change!

Lisa said...

I have been so busy lately I haven't had to time to stop by your wonderful little site .. shame on me .. your work is so adorable and always brings a smile!!

Stephanie Gentry said...

Those are all such great pieces.
I am in lo-o-o-o-ove with Mr. George Wellington. He truly is eye candy!!!

Melody said...

I thought I was losing it when I couldn't find the "no anonymous" commenters....but I see it's that marvelous "change" the world seems to insist on, every few moments!
Word verification is maddening, but I suppose spam is too. :(((
On a bright note, I love your little farmer/farmettes! Happy Spring! :))

Tammie Lee said...


these are adorable. you create such wonderful characters!

this is a nice way to do comments. word verification takes too long and can be frustrating to do. i know some bloggers will not comment if they have to do word verification. glad you figured out a way to do it.

martinealison said...

De très jolies créations, remplies de poésie... J'aime beaucoup vos petits personnages...

Gros bisous

Barbara said...

I had to go back to word verification unfortunately as I was getting about 40 anonymous and spam a day.