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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


:-}  I'm back.  I have a little photo story of the first part of my journey.  These photos are from my time in Devon, England. 

First I had a great time with my sister and don't plan to go so long visiting next time.  Devon is stunning, especially where my sister lives in Sidbury, it is truly one of the most beautiful areas.  I was there for the Queeens Diamond Jubilee!  that was a surprise as I didn't know till I got to wondering what all the little flags decorating the houses were about.  2012 marked the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth.  My sister's house is bordering a cricket field where celebrations took place in the little village of Sidbury.  At night we got to have the best seat in the house for a fireworks display from my sister;s back porch!  I was almost transported into the night sky, watching the colored lights as they zoomed.  Enjoy my photos below.  I hope you are all having a good start to your summer.

Here are my two farmers.  I think they look like Devon/Cornish farmers!  I emailed the photos to my father and he replied saying they look like the old-time farmers of his day, not the present ones.  Something very honest about this pair, don't you think?  I will be sculpting more farmers, even though they take some time.  I think they are worth it.

DEVON - Sidmouth

This is the beach front in the town of Sidmouth.  Sidmouth is a short drive from my sisters house in Sidbury.  The town is quaint, with lots of shops and things to tempt! 

I got very lucky with this shot of Bobbies (cops) on the beat (walking) wearing summer short sleeves.  While taking the photo a man walked by and commented "Rare shot!"  My sister agreed.  Apparently you don't see this often.  What a friendly pair they were, they both stopped for me to get a good photo.  :-}

*** Note I did manage to buy a vegetable pasty !  YUMMY.

DEVON - Brandscombe

This adorable village is a short drive from Sidbury.  I fell in love and I am sure you can see why.  Very much like stepping back in time.  I did not get a photo of the Brandscombe beach as it was a very windy day and we got blown back up the road willingly!  It was a bit too chilly for a stroll there.
I would move to this village in a heart beat.  I look forward to exploring the little town again when I visit next.


Devon made me very wishfull to live in England again...
I had such a good time with my sister we talked and talked....
and walked....and ate.


xxx  hugs Lorraine  xxx


bellaboo said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Love all your pics. Devon and Cornwall are my favourite counties,and my hubby and I stayed in a B and B in Branscombe a few years back.Did you go to the Masons Arms pub there I wonder?
Look forward to your next post! :0)

Melody said...

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your photos, it helps a lot with my Cyber Vacationing! :))) How fun you got front row seats for the Jubilee festivities and fireworks!
Love the little farmer and his sheep! Do you have little wire forms inside to keep the little sheep legs straight? Or is it just stiff clay? Just curious ~ he's got a great little sheep face.
Can't wait for part two! :))))))

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Hi Melody, No wire - I don't think you could put that in a kiln fired work (not 100% sure as someone may have invented some kind that works)
I just make the legs with clay that is not too wet and give them about 15 mins to dry a bit before I attach them with slip (wet gooey clay).

I have another single sheep I sculpted, should be a real cutie! still needs to be glazed.


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Bellaboo - no didn't go in there this time. Will have to next time I visit! Me and my sister did have a very nice cream tea - tea and scones with jam and cream. In a little tea shop in the town.

Vintage Jane said...

So glad you had a good time. We live in the neighbouring county of Somerset and love all the places you mentioned. M x

Natalia Glazacheva said...

Hi, Lorraine!
So glad you back and had such a good time! Love all your pictures and your farmers as well :o) I`m in love with UK now and wish I could visit it too.
Waiting for part two :o)
Have a sweet time dear friend

Pixie said...

What wonderful pictures and it looks like you had good weather too, what a beautiful place, your sister is so lucky to live in such a glorious part of England......and the wee farmers are just gorgeous too. xx

Gloria said...

oh Lorraine I love your pictures especially from Devon, look amazing, thanks by sharing your trip:)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Lorraine. What a fun trip! And the Jubilee, no less! Your farmers are adorable, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a smiling farmer...it's a life of very hard physical labor. Enjoyed the pictures!
best, nadia

Catharina Maria said...

Beautiful photos of a great country !

Catharina Maria said...

Beautiful photos of a great country !

Amanda said...

I bet it was lovely to catch up with your sister. Your photos are lovely.

Candylei said...

So nice you could visit your sister. Love your farmers as I am a farmer and we do smile!

Zuzu said...

How beautiful everything is, and such a wonderful visit! Love your farmers too - a very charming pair. :)

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend, Lorraine!

koralee said...

I want to go to England now...such adorable countryside. Your little farmers are so darling! Happy Monday

Tammie Lee said...

your farmer's are so adorable!
bluebells are such a delight. looks like you had a grand time.

Claire said...

Hey Lorraine, what a wonderful holiday you lucky thing.
So many beautiful places and such picturesque scenery.
I can imagine there was much talking and laughter whilst staying with your sister. Great timing to enjoy the Jubilee celebrations too....bonus
Loved all the pics and look forward to the next instalment. In the mean time I think I shall have to have a good look for my passport.......

Love the little farmers too......so sweet.

CLaire :}

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

LORRAINE! Oh how nice it is to see you!!! AND your adorable farmers and sheep are JUST PERFECT. These my dear, like ALL of your work, have the quality of ROYAL DALTON...truly. I hope you are doing well on your sales.

OK. I need to go to England. LOOK AT THE CHARM! The animals, the farms, the BOBBIES!!!!!!! The little shop, "I WANT I NEED!" Total charm and now that I have blog friends there, I so long to go.

Thank you dear one for coming to visit me today! Anita

Heather said...

Wow! What an amazing trip! And what stunning photos. Looks like the trip of a lifetime, and how awesome to be there during the diamond jubilee!~

Barbara said...

Living in England 'again' I did not realise that you had lived here.

Love the pottery.

Barbara said...

Thanks fr bringing back memories of places I visited quite some time ago.
Glad you enjoyed.